Client portal

Client portal

BDO’s client portal enables efficient collaboration between you and your BDO contacts on one common platform.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increased efficiency: Together with your BDO contact, you work on one platform to communicate and exchange data.
  • Always up to date: You receive automated notifications of new and changed documents or requests by BDO.
  • Guaranteed security: Your data is saved on the Microsoft Europe (EMEA) Cloud Region and are encrypted at the highest security levels to protect them from access by third parties.

Getting started

BDO Global Portal uses your e-mail address to create a user profile. Invitations to the BDO Global Portal are sent out by and have a subject line saying “BDO Global Portal: Invitation to BDO Portal”. E-mails look similar to the screenshot below. When you sign in for the first time, you will have to accept the terms of use. 

You may be required to enter an additional account verification code (One Time Password - OTP) for your registration. These are sent from the address with the subject line "Your BDO O365 GP PRD EMEA account verification code" and look similar to the following example.

Additionally, you will need to set up a second factor, i.e. a second source of authentication such as an authenticator app or a phone number, for multi-factor authentication (MFA) once. Afterwards, once you sign in to BDO Global Portal, you will be asked to verify your account via this second channel, too, to enhance security. 

BDO Global Portal and Exchange NextGen

The Documents section in the BDO Global Portal is a collaboration space between you and BDO. We can collaborate on files and save them there.

Exchange is an additional tool for file delivery that was developed by BDO in order to have an efficient and structured space where specific information requirements for projects can be administered.

Frequently asked questions

Exchange is a BDO tool dedicated to collecting files provided by clients. To access Exchange for a project, click on the ‘Exchange’ menu item in BDO Global Portal. Files can be dragged and dropped under the respective requirement item. As soon as you have saved all the required files, you can hit the ‚Accept’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

You can customise how you want to be notified by BDO Global Portal. To do this, click on the symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your screen that says ‘my profile’ 

BDO recommends using Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google’s Chrome. 

Access to BDO Global Portal is managed via Microsoft Azure System. The Microsoft Azure profile is either administred by your firm or directly by Microsoft. Please contact your own IT support if there are access problems that relate to your Microsoft Azure profile, as this is not administered by BDO. 

Exchange supports the upload of files up to 2 GB in size. Large files may take some time to upload. BDO recommends to check you have a stable internet connection when you plan to upload large files. 

A member of the BDO team working on your project can accept or return the information and data delivered by you under a specific requirement. You will see the reason why a delivery has been returned (i.e. why a requirement has not yet been completed correctly). If you need further explanations, you should reach out to your BDO contact. 

In BDO Global Portal, each client has their own portal. Within this client portal, specific engagements will usually be managed in projects. Where needed, one engagement may also encompass more than one project as necessary. 

BDO Global Portal is based on the Microsoft SharePointOnline platform in order to give you a state-of-the-art user experience. Some functionalities are provided by Microsoft. 

Do you have any further questions? Are you interested in BDO’s client portal, or do you need technical support?
Your BDO contact will be glad to provide you with additional information.